Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Strollin', Swingin' and Smilin'

Recently, I was overcome with such heartfelt emotion for my 10 month-old son, Pierson.  A little over a week ago, on Sunday afternoon (9/25), our family went on a walk to the park after dinner, and it was the first time Pierson rode in our Radio Flyer wagon with his sister Emmi.

He looked like such a big, strong boy, sitting up and wearing his seat belt.  He was happy and proud and having such a great time.


During our visit to our neighborhood park, he also got to swing for the first time, in the baby swing.  I may have tried him in it before (?), but I can't remember him really liking it, until that day.

I'm so thankful we were able to get some sweet shots of this memorable experience for him.  He is growing up so quickly, into such a handsome, sweet, and fun-loving boy.  I could not be more proud of him....what a gift God has given our family.  Pierson is now crawling everywhere (which he started doing a few days before he become 10 months-old.)

He loves to hang out with his big sister and watch all the interesting things she does.  He is starting to pull up, not only on his knees, but to his feet, on a rare occasion.

Pierson is so vocal and expressive; he even repeats expressions and sounds that we make from time to time.  He is also sitting through church services pretty well, except for when he gets hungry or needs a diaper.  What a "Mama's Boy" God has given me; I cherish the sweet times he will let me rock him to sleep at night, sometimes while he's nursing and other times while he just lays his head on my chest.  And, yes, there are the other times (most evenings) when it is literally a wrestling match, just trying to get our little chunk of muscle dressed and ready for bed!  I have to be so careful, because Pierson has almost jumped out of my arms before!  He is so strong and so brave...very fitting to his name, Pierson Everett.

Some of his favorite things are laughing uncontrollably, when he's getting really tired, smiling really big, after a sweet goodnight kiss from his big sister...

and wolfing down a fresh purée of Mama's homemade cooking, whether it be beef stew, chicken pot pie, rice and beans, or sweet potato delight.  Pierson also enjoys grabbing the puzzle pieces that Emmi is trying to organize...

watching our border collie Banjo play in the backyard, and gnawing on these wooden eggs that we bought at Hobby Lobby for our Laugh & Learn™ Learning Farm by Fisher Price®, which we got second-hand for a fraction of the price, but it was missing some of the accessories.  

His manual dexterity is quickly advancing, and he is able to quickly pick up small HappyBaby puffs with his thumb and index finger and deposit them immediately into his mouth.  :)  Our growing boy has almost reached the limits of his 12-month clothing, and will soon be needing his entire 18-month wardrobe!  He still wakes up once or twice a night, and has had a rare occasion when he did not, but his Mama does not mind taking care of his gaseous needs or hungry tummy.  The good news is that he no longer nurses enough at night to require a night-time diaper change before the morning comes.  AND, the other VERY good news is that Pierson's eczema is pretty much gone, with the exception of a few small dry spots near his ankles and mildly dry skin on his shoulders from time to time.  The little rashes on his cheeks, near his ears, try to surface every once in a while, but they are easily controlled and go away without a problem.  

All in all, we are so thankful for the amazing gift of our son and all the joy, love and wonderful strength he has brought to our family.  We hold these blessings of our children with open hands and open hearts, entrusting them to the Lord and never taking for granted the presence of their dear spirits in our home... 

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  1. Sweet, Amber! I find I can always relate to so much of what you write. Glad you are finding the time to write it down! Hugs...