Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I was so tired this morning, after having to get up multiple times last night for both children, for different reasons...  And, I thought, "I have too much to do this week, to be this tired and dragging...several photography jobs to get out, Pierson's 1st birthday this Saturday, and Thanksgiving next week!"  

Then, slowly, the children and I just got on with our morning...breakfast, diapers, change of clothes, pick-up after breakfast, a couple morning videos for them and some business stuff for me...  

Emmi trying to feed Pierson for the first time.  :)  And, he loved it.

Then, I started preparing P's room for his morning nap, and one thing led to another.  So, I cleaned up both Pierson's and Emmi's rooms, put all the clean clothes everywhere away, thoroughly vacuumed that whole section of the house, and more, with a crawler chasing the vacuum and a toddler trying to plug it into different outlets.  :)  I even scrubbed out numerous stains in Emmi's room and in the hallway, with some trusty Woolite spray. 

Finally, I thought, "wait a minute, this is a dream come true!  I get to work at home with these two amazing little people God gave us, cherishing all these cute, special, sweet moments with them, and *I* get to be the one to take care of and invest in our HOME!"  I am truly so blessed and thankful for God shedding a right perspective on my mind, as I simply took some slow steps and just got moving.

Emmi lying on her clean floor, playing, while Pierson is napping in his room.

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